The Faison School
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Our history:
The Faison School for Autism was founded in 1998 through the generosity of Markel Chairman Alan Kirshner and Flo Guzman. Alan and Flo's granddaughter, Brittany Faison, was diagnosed with autism when she was eighteen months old. Shortly after her diagnosis, Brittany began an instructional program utilizing applied behavior analysis (ABA). Alan and Flo saw the progress their granddaughter was experiencing, and wanted to enable other families to benefit from this instructional methodology. Their goal was to help other families with children with autism by starting a center that brought state of the art practices to the central Virginia area.

Today, as a non-profit 501(c)(3) licensed as a day school by the Virginia Department of Education, the school provides services on-site from early intervention through school age and intensive programming for children and young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. In addition, the school offers a variety of consultative services, including home-program support, school consultation, after-care and summer programs and community workshops.

Our mission:
The Faison School for Autism is dedicated to giving each child the best chance he or she has to improve their life's journey. The School employs a three-pronged approach of empirically-driven treatment, research, and training to best serve our students. Our philosophy is a holistic one, focusing on the child, their family, and all those who touch and enrich their lives.

The Faison School's three-pronged approach is our greatest strength. Treatment takes place at the school which became licensed as a private day school by the State Department of Education in 2002, obtained nonprofit status in 2003, and achieved accreditation by VAISEF in 2010. An off-site program was also established to serve families and children with autism in their own homes. With demand continually increasing, The Faison School inaugurated its first Summer Program in 2004 and expanded the curriculum to include school-age children. Since then, the school has added an after-care program, the Life Skills and Employment Center and other ancillary programs and services to assist individuals with autism and their families in achieving their greatest potential. Today, the school serves students ages 18 months to 22 years with our on-site and off-site programs utilizing the evidence-based principles of applied behavior analysis.

Research is accomplished at the school in conjunction with our partners, Teacher's College at Columbia University and the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Education for teachers, medical and school professionals and the public is developed at The Faison School and implemented throughout central Virginia through community trainings, school consultations and expanded outreach efforts to everyone touched by autism.

The Faison School is a 501C3 non profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or gender.
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