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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of funding sources do you accept/Who pays for your school?
    The two most common sources of funding are Community Service Board funds through localities and private pay. In some situations, private insurance covers some services.

2. Do you accept insurance?
    The best course of action is to call your insurance company to determine if they cover Behavioral Assessment or ABA Therapy.

3. Do you accept Medicaid?
    Not at this time.

4. Do you accept waivers?
    Not at this time.

5. How many students attend the school?
    In December 2011, the school's enrollment was 103. We do not currently have a waiting list. At this time, we are approved by the VA Department of Education for 115 students.

6. What are the qualifications of your staff?
    The level of expertise of our staff is relative to their position at the school. Our Teaching Assistants have backgrounds that range from a High School diploma combined with significant experience to Doctoral candidates in Education. Most of our teaching assistants hold Bachelor's degrees in a related field, such as education, psychology, or social work. Our ABA Classroom Teachers all hold Virginia teaching credentials in Special Education. Most either have or are nearing completion in a Master's program in education and are completing teacher ranks within the CABAS system. Our ABA Program Supervisors all hold Master's degrees in Special Education or Applied Behavior Analysis and either hold or are nearing completion Board Certification in Behavior Analysis and are completing teacher ranks within the CABAS system. Our Directors have varying backgrounds in the field of Special Education and Behavior Analysis.

7. Is everyone at the school a certified behavior analyst?
    While not every member of our staff holds a BCBA or BCABA, we do have a large number of certified staff members. Every student's programming is supervised by a certified individual.

8. How do I enroll my child in your school?

9. Why do you require so many documents with the application?
    We make individualized decisions regarding enrollment. The population served by The Faison School varies and these decisions require a significant amount of information.

10. What other services do you offer?
    The Faison Center for Applied Behavior Analysis offers a variety of other services, including assessment, consultation, program design, training for parents or other professionals, and functional assessment. Details can be found here.

11. Does the school run year round?

12. Do all of the students have Autism?
    We make enrollment decisions on a case by case basis, but it is accurate to say that the majority of our students have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some carry a medical diagnosis, while others have been identified and found eligible for special education services by a local education authority. Because of the wide variation in levels of verbal behavior and academic skills, the population served in our day program is quite broad.

13. Who would transport my child to school?
    For students who are placed privately, parents or other caregivers must transport them to and from school. For students placed by IEP teams, the placing authority is most often the source of transportation to and from school.

14. I work for a different agency or another school and I'm interested in your program. Who can I talk to?
    Please call Adam Warman or Eli Newcomb at (804) 612-1947.

15. Can I do an internship at The Faison School?
    We have a very limited number of openings for internships at The Faison School. Interns must be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week (preferable 20). Openings will be posted under Career Opportunities when they are available.

16. Can I volunteer at The Faison School?
    Volunteer opportunities interacting directly with students at the school are limited to similar-age peers. Adults wishing to volunteer at the school will happily be accepted for administrative and fund-raising opportunities. Contact the Director of Development or the front office at (804) 612-1947 to receive a volunteer application.

17. Can my child volunteer at The Faison School?
    Yes. Please contact Adam Warman at (804) 612-1947 for further details.

18. How do I apply to work at The Faison School?

19. Do you offer diagnostic services?
    At this time, we offer a variety of assessment services, but we do not offer clinical diagnostic services. For more information on assessment services, please contact Eli Newcomb at (804) 612-1947.

20. What if my child needs your support but can't come or isn't an appropriate fit for the day school?
    Other services are available through the Faison Centers for Applied Behavior Analysis. Contact Eli Newcomb at (804) 612-1947 for further information, or visit our Applied Behavior Center page.

21. Do you administer medication at school?
    While we do not prescribe medication, we are able to administer medication with the appropriate guidance and paperwork from your physician. Information on this is provided during the enrollment process.

22. Do you provide alternative therapies along with Applied Behavior Analysis?
    The Faison School advocates and delivers only evidence-based and data-driven interventions. We make parent and caregiver education a priority and work to help teams determine the best course of intervention for each individual student.

23. My child is on grade level academically, but just needs some support behaviorally and/or with social skills. Does Faison offer services for my child?
    Though the enrollment process is individualized, many students who fit this description are very successful in our Self-Management program.

24. What is the staff to student ratio?
    Currently, a classroom includes a Classroom Teacher, eight students and eight Teaching Assistants. Additional support is also provided to each classroom by other staff within the building.

25. If I want to receive a tour, how should I set that up?
    Please contact The Faison School at (804) 612-1947, to sign up for one of our tour dates. You will have an opportunity to ask specific questions on the tour.

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