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Center for Behavioral Services

The mission of the Faison Center for Behavioral Services is to assist individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other development disabilities, as well as their families, by providing high-quality, comprehensive services that focus on the improvement of behavior, every-day skills, and ultimately, quality of life. Life with autism has a unique set of challenges and the Center for Behavioral Services is committed to comprehensive assessment for the purpose of identifying areas of greatest need, carrying out evidence-based treatment, and training parents and other stakeholders to support newly developed skills in the home and other natural settings. The Center is currently located on campus at The Faison School and provides a variety of services between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, that address various issues, such as the following:
  • Skills Deficits, such as communication, daily living, vocational, and social skills
  • Toileting and other self-care deficits
  • Disruptive Behaviors (e.g., screaming, repetitive speech, or property destruction)
  • Elopement (leaving the room or home without permission)
  • Habit Disorders (e.g., thumb-sucking or trichotillomania)
  • Uncooperative behavior and noncompliance
  • Physical Aggression (hitting, biting, scratching, and/or spitting)
  • Self-Injury

Center staff include a Clinical Psychologist Consultant, Behavior Analysts, and technician-level personnel who use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), tactics derived from the principles of behavior carried out with the purpose of addressing socially significant and important issues that individuals and families experience in their daily lives. The Center addresses a variety of needs through one-on-one ABA therapy, behavior assessment and intervention, skills assessment and corresponding skills training, consultation, parent education seminars, and through its After School Program, which operates 2:15-6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. The After School Program is an extension of both School and Center for Behavioral Services, and provides an alternative window of time in which to tackle some of the issues referenced above.

If you have any questions about Faison's Center for Behavioral Services or After School Program, please view our informational brochure and referral and intake procedures. To check for upcoming Parent Education Seminars, please view our Calendar of Events and contact us to reserve your spot!

For information on insurance funding, please click here. For all other inquiries related the Center for Behavioral Services, please contact the Assistant Director, Eli Newcomb, at

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