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Admissions Process Description

An enrollment process will be completed for students interested in attending The Faison School as needed, and will be completed for those students who have a completed application on file. At the time of intake, families with completed applications will be notified by phone to determine their current interest level and desire for an intake for their child.

Review the process below and submit your completed application to:

The Faison School for Autism
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Enrollment at The Faison School involves the following process:
  1. Interest is demonstrated in the program. This interest may come from parents, school divisions or other service professionals.

  2. A tour of the facility is conducted with the interested parties.

  3. A complete application to The Faison School must be received by the Director of Curriculum and Training. All required paperwork must be submitted at the time of application to constitute a complete application. Click here to download the application.

  4. An intake observation is completed. This observation will take place either in the potential student's current placement or at The Faison School. During the observation, the New Student Observation form will be completed. Either during the intake observation or at another time, specified questions on the application will be reviewed with the parents or guardians. This application review may be completed via the telephone if the parents or guardians live more than 100 miles from The Faison School. For applicants that are currently being served more than 100 miles from The Faison School, a half hour to one hour recorded observation may be submitted in lieu of a direct observation (Though the applicant may also visit The Faison School for the observation). The Faison School reserves the right to require an in-person observation if questions are raised by a video submission.

  5. The Faison School will determine which services are recommended for the student and a Service Recommendation letter will be sent to the applicant. These recommendations will be based on an application review, information gained during the observation/video review, and any medical information deemed necessary by The Faison School. The enrollment will be discussed and decided upon at the weekly administrative meeting, or by at least two directors and an ABA supervisor. The Faison School may consult a contracted outside professional for input on items of interest. If the recommendation includes full-time private day services, an Enrollment Agreement will also be sent to the funding party. The Enrollment Agreement will include a proposed start date.

  6. After the enrollment agreement is signed, the Director of Curriculum and Training will hire a staff to complete the team to which the new student will be assigned and training will begin.

  7. Before the student begins their placement, an enrollment meeting will be conducted with, at the minimum, the parent/guardian. This meeting will last approximately two hours. It will begin with a letter or email that includes items that must be brought to the enrollment meeting. During the meeting, the parent handbook will be reviewed and enrollment paperwork will be completed. Any delay in completing the enrollment paperwork will similarly delay student entrance to the program.

  8. Prior to the student's entrance to the program, a funding source must be solidified. For placements utilizing public funding, this includes an accurate purchase order. For placements utilizing private funding, this includes a billing contract.

  9. When all enrollment paperwork is complete, funding is secured and confirmed, and the staff has completed initial training, the student will enter the program.

Click here to download our mail-in enrollment application.

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